Curing the network scanning 'issue'

I used to scan a lot of magazines...

It used to be so easy. A simple USB scanner which took its own sweet time scanning...

Then I bought a Samsung MFP CLX3175 colour laser and scanner / fax. Whoopie! I could now scan over the network. I downloaded the Samsung drivers and they failed to work. I then searched and found the person making them work...

I installed the drivers and I could scan and print over the network.

Then I upgraded my Lubuntu...

Arrrgh! The scanner no longer worked. I tried all the Samsung installations. I tried his web site. He has nearly closed his web site down. Presumably because of lack of interest on the part of Samsung.

Then I searched again. It is now a few years later. Finally found a page:-

At the bottom where it says Samsung. I found the secret.

#Samsung scx4500w wireless ip network address
tcp xx.xx.xx.xx
Only mine now says:-
#Samsung CLX-3170 Series: Samsung CLX-3170fn & CLX-3175FW
#usb 0x04e8 0x342a

/etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf is the file to edit. 
Don't forget to use sudo when editing the file.
Then I ran 'simple scan'. And whoopie! it now works!
All I have to do now is duplicate that on all the machines I want to access the scanner.


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