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Getting Your BASIC programs to work in 2018 !

Last century it wasn't always that easy to get some BASIC programs to work on the 'new' IBM PC. A lot of the programs were written in some weird dialect of BASIC. Some were hardware and graphic specific...
Now you can use FreeBASIC on all three common platforms and even the Raspberry Pi. So if BASIC is your 'thing', you can revive some programs that you thought were no longer to be useful.
I have just taken an hour or so to re-process a program for a band pass filter. It now works 100% under Linux and compiles with FBC.
As I completed it and proved it, I thought I should share the methodology with people in similar situations. It is not difficult to use the standard applications such as FreeBASIC and Geany. But I had to go back in my DOS applications to find a way of compiling the program without thousands of errors.
If I used Quick BASIC, there was no 'issue' in running the program. But when I tried to compile it using 'fbc -lang qb bpfs.bas', it spat …