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Raspberry Pi - session n

First of all, when did you last see an organ grinder?

Today's Q and A session revealed a few things. Dave made copious notes before setting off early for the theatre. But for those who couldn't make it I made a few as well...

Software Mentions

I mentioned it and then couldn't get to the examples on the internet. The club house is a victim of a 'slow internet' connection.

GNU Plot home page
Gnuplot Primer
Plotting sensor data using GnuPlot
interfacing early 90’s HQ digital oscilloscope from LINUX
FIR Filters by Windowing - using gnuplot

GIMP - Graphics Manipulation Package
4 Themes That Will Make GIMP 2.8 Look and Work Like Photoshop

LinPsk - PSK31 for Linux  [download from Sourceforge]
A Slice of Raspberry Pi

WSPR on the Pi.
/WsprryPiforked from threeme3/WsprryPi Raspberry Pi QRP TX Shield for WSPR on 20 Meters

Also mentioned

A Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite.
Thanks Nic!

Audacity - Audacity® is free, …

'Issues' in ugrading Lubuntu

When I made my main PC a dual boot Windwoes XP and Lubuntu, little did I realise that my hard disk was going to run out of inodes...
On researching this 'issue' [we don't call them problems any more], I found that lubuntu or ubuntu keeps updating the kernel. Whilst not removing the old ones. Auto remove [in apt-get] does not flush the old ones. So gradually I had used up all my inodes. This became apparent when I tried to install some new software. It also ran out of disk space.
So when I had a message telling me I had an 'issue' with an update/upgrade with disk space, I checked using 'df'. Nope someone wasn't telling the whole truth. Df said I had a few Gigabytes to play with. So what was wrong?
[Use df -i to show inodes] More research said that I should remove the old kernels, thus freeing up the inodes. Well I did and we went back to the happy situation. For a while. Maybe two months...
Some months ago I had removed [with extreme prejudice] Windwoes XP.…