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How to save a Pentium II from the wheelie bin

So this last week, I read another blog about how to restore a 'veteran' PC to working life...
There are several linux distributions that keep ties with it's past. The one recommended was 'TinyCore'. After finding out that the smallest is NOT the easiest. [It was only 15 Megabytes!] I downloaded the 'CorePlus'. This is small [86 MB] but includes the installation bits and pieces to get a simple system up and running. I then 'burned' it to a CD as it comes to you as an ISO image.
After that it was very simple to connect to the fastest mirror and download what extras or essentials, I needed. Like 'openssh' and 'ALSA' as well as a complete gcc compile system.
I should point out that this was a 'broken' Pentium II multimedia laptop. Its screen was a write-off but the rest was functional. The hard disk had been plundered long ago, so finding a suitable and working 2.5 inch drive was tricky. 
I found a 4 GB disk in the 'untested'…

The Club has decided to hold a 'flea market' on the same day as the Raspberry Pi session.

This 'flea market' coincides with the 'Ham Comp - Raspberry Pi' session...
So the last session was the last one for the year. Sorry guys. But it will give you a chance to visit the club and purchase things as well as socialise. [OK that was annoying, Google/Blogger decided that my language is Canadian English.]
I shall be there to support and chat.
Hopefully it won't be as hot as this last week or this one is going to be.
73 John ZS6WL