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We have forgotten that all 'our' electronic goodies, talk to each other...

So what is EDID?
I knew the 'monitor' (display) 'talked' to the display card. But I didn't know how. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I read up on EDID. The method used is I^2 C. That should be I [squared] C, but the editor doesn't seem to understand superscripts. Extended display identification data
Understanding EDID - Extended Display Identification Data
More on my migration to lubuntu...  So I need to 'translate' all my old emails from Outlook Express What I need is a Linux translation tool.
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 – Linux and things – totally out of date. [Most links don't work.]
[So install Sylpheed email client. It reads OE dbx files. But oh what a laborious process!] When you have imported emails into Sylpheed, you can export them as …

Level of frustration has reached 'critical'...

Yep, the level of my frustration has risen to where I am about to bang the keyboard...
First off, last night the display adapter in my main PC decided to go on strike. I got a "drm:drm_edid_block_valid - ERROR EDID checksum is invalid." After looking into this PC with a torch, I decided that it was time for a blow out of all the crud/fluff/dust. 
When I returned to the study with a clean PC, I switched it on without plugging in the keyboard. Much to my surprise the PC would ignore me. Bah. On/off button works. So the PC shuts down. Switching on still gave me no display. What have I forgotten now? Shutdown and unplugged. Waited for led to go out and took out the display card. Plugged in the panel display into the motherboard VGA connector. Switched on and booted into lubuntu in a few seconds. 
Shut down again and unplugged. Checked the display card for damage. None found. Thankfully this display card has a large heat sink and no fan. Fans do not last around here. Replaced it in …

Sneaky workings of [insert company name]

So Mnet did not want a weeks notice. They would have cancelled the service at the end of the month but when asked they said wait. So we did. Then they cancelled to service immediate effect but still took the money.... So 'free wifi' means R20 for 250MB. Doing this post on the tablet is not easy.

How to shoot yourself in the foot - Windwoes Style

Yesterday on returning home, I switched on my remaining two XP PC's. Usually they boot up in seconds as both have SSD's. Not this time...
More than 5 minutes later is now the normal boot time.
More later. As there is much research to do.