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If its Thursday, it must be the end of the world day.

So today starts with a phone call to the SARS eFiling Help line. It is because I found I could not pay SARS. When I went to the banking details page, I was asked all the usual questions. Account name, number etc. But then I got to a field that asked 'Group Number'. Group Number? Not name? [Beatles would have been my first choice.] 
I tried various numbers starting with one, only to have an alert box pop up and say; "Make sure you enter the correct group number." So that isn't going to work...
After phoning the helpful lady at the helpdesk, I was told that this only supplied by the banks. Why? And why isn't there a message on the page to say; "Get this from your bank." 
Having switched on the main PC, Adobe pops up to say that yet another patch/fix/update is needed for 'Flash'. This then brings up Firefox with the update page.
Whilst I am writing this, the Adobe downloader is struggling to get to 100%. It is at 29% now. Maybe it will finish late…