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If you were wondering why your PC is now slower than on.

I noticed yesterday at a client's workshop that the PC now had Mcafee Anti Virus installed. As I had already installed the Microsoft Anti-Virus [Security Essentials], I made a mental note to contact them later to remove it.
It is now called 'foistware' or 'cruft'. The software that you are landed with when you get a new PC or when you download the compulsory update for any ADOBE product. The probable reason for ADOBE adding an anti-virus product to the download, is the vast number of security holes in the ADOBE software products.
This did NOT go as planned... Because when I tried to give them my feedback...

The reason why you have to have the ADOBE product in South Africa, is because SARS [South African Revenue Service] uses it on their web site to fill in forms. It is called 'eFiling'. It works well and corrects you if you make a mistake. It also tells you can't do that! When you try and correct a mistake from year old returns.
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