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Does Windows 98 beat Windows 8?

"They" are trying hard to generate some 'heat' for the new and improved Windows 8. Some are already whining about the new logo as the Windows 7 looked mostly like a flag. So someone has designed a new logo... [animated png. You have to click on it to 'play' it...]

With all the Greek's monetary woes, I don't think they will sue.

Now is NOT the time to release new products!

In times of hardship or recession, no company wants to spend money. They would rather save costs of operating. Most South African corporates have grudgingly accepted Windows 7. Especially those that have head offices overseas in Europe or the U.S.
No users or owners of Personal Computers right now wants to spend hard earned cash on a new operating system. So most of my time recently has been taken up with repairing or refurbishing systems.
So it was a little surprising to read this:-
Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival
Just the fact that Microsoft want to unleash a new and improved(?) operating system and a new and untried user interface in this time of recession made me pause to think. Are they mad? Or is this a ploy to get the persistent users off Windows XP? "Revenue Stream" is possibly the answer. The present one is 'drying up'.
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