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Windows Updates Fail!

[Error 0x8DDD0018 - services not the same as M$ would like...]
So today is "Patch Tuesday", er Friday (here in SA), But the update on my 'veteran' XP PC failed. When I tried to run the update manually, the web page checking the services failed with error 0x8DDD0018. It gives instructions on how to check on the services and to reset them to working condition. Funny thing, mine were all 'started' and running. But they were not necessarily automatic or manual. The 'checker' failed with the above error code. So I checked on the web pages given on the 'help' page... nothing found. It does not 'know' the error code and fails to tell you anything about 'your problem'...

Warning this XP update/patch is 250MB and will take you closer to the 'cap' on your Internet connection. As it is halfway through the month it might take you over your 'cap'. Don't put the update/patch off. These are mostly security patches and are m…

This weekend has been informative, instructive and wet!

A relatively peaceful weekend from Friday but with another 'incident' in Windows XP.
My friend Roy, came to me with a "Scareware Virus" called MS Removal Tool. (My first thought was - what a good idea - maybe Ubuntu...) But no, this turned into a 'major mission' to remove and recover control of his PC. It would not allow him to use any of the standard anti-virus measures nor run any diagnostic software like 'Task Manager'.

How did he get it?
Very simple, he went to a web site that had been 'click-jacked' and without him knowing, the 'virus' was installed on his PC. He was using Internet Explorer and he has Microsoft's Security Essentials. Unfortunately both are side-tracked and bypassed by this rogue software.

This is the same category of malware that disrupted another client's PC recently. There it was called 'AntiVir'. It would not allow the user to remove the virus without going into 'safe mode'. This is not…